A Look Behind the Book: ENEMY EXPOSURE Inspiration

February 23, 2017

I’ve made it known in the past that I got the idea for Crossing the Line after seeing The Avengers. Most—if not all—of the books I write are inspired by either a TV show or a movie. I don’t know why—it’s just always been how it works for me.


I’d written several books before Crossing the Line that were each intended to be the first book in a series, but Enemy Exposure was the first second book I ever got to write. Before I started writing, I figured the same inspiration that had kick started the first book would be enough to sustain the series.


As it turns out, I was wrong!


I had a plan for what Book 2 of the Raven Files was supposed to be, but by the time I got two drafts in I started to feel like I was missing something massive. I needed a big emotional and strategic hook to propel both the story and the characters forward, and it just wasn’t there. It was then that I realized what I really needed was something new to pull inspiration from. The Avengers was perfect for Crossing the Line, but Book 2 required it’s own inspiration.


Coincidently, I was rewatching Orphan Black with my sister at the time, which turned out to be exactly my savior. You can read all about the show here, if you want, but basic premise: Orphan Black revolves a group of clones who are consistently hunted and targeted by scientists. There's obviously so much more to it than that, but this is the bottom line. I LOVE this show. One of my favorite things about the series is the sisterhood between the clones. The biggest link between them is that they have this shared experience of being a wanted clone, which is something no one but them can fully understand.


As I was watching this show, I started to realize that their experience is a lot like Jocelyn’s and the other girls in KATO. As much as KATO is the enemy, the other agents are just as much victims as Jocelyn is. They didn’t choose to be a part of this program. They were forced into it. And it stands to reason that, if the situation called for it, they might be able to be persuaded to work together to stop their tormentors. These girls share an experience that only they can truly understand and relate to. But Jocelyn’s situation is so much more dangerous and fragile than on Orphan Black because of the training she and the other KATO agents received.


I started replanning Book 2 with this idea in mind and that was when Enemy Exposure finally started to take shape. It opened the door for some new characters that were a ton of fun to write and took the book in a direction that I never considered when I wrote those very early drafts. I’m ridiculously happy about the outcome. If you’re a fan of Crossing the Line, I so hope you love Enemy Exposure as much as I do!  


I can’t wait to share it with all of you on March 14th!


Some dates:

I have a two signings planned in the Philadelphia area for March. If you live nearby I’d LOVE to see you!

March 16th  -- Enemy Exposure Launch party at Children’s Bookworld in Haverford at 7PM

March 25th --  Barnes and Nobel in Wilmington, DE at 1PM


Visit my EVENTS page for more details!


There’s also an event in the area that’s, like, 98% confirmed for April—I’ll add it


to my events page when it’s 100% so keep checking back!

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